Summary of 2013 Exposition

Exhibiting Companies Data

475 Exhibitors / 986 Booths / 78,225 Visitors

Exhibitors range from four/two-wheel automobile manufacturers to auto parts/material suppliers, system component suppliers, testing/measurement equipment makers, and information/software houses. Others include associations and organizations related to the automotive industry. In the 2013 Automotive Engineering Exposition, the number of exhibitors was 475 with 986 booths, of which first-time exhibitors accounted for 26.

Pictures of 2013 Exposition

Exhibitors by Industry (2013)

  Companies Booths
Automobile Manufacturers 12 69
Parts / Components 128 309
Materials 70 117
Testing 130 267
CAE Solutions 31 53
Car-Electronics 15 39
R&D & Publishing & Others 84 124
Drive Recorder (Special Display Spaces) 5¢¨ 5
Panel & Catalog Displays 3 3

¢¨Three exhibitors out of five also exhibited in another categories.

Opinions from Exhibitors at the 2013 Exposition


This exposition provides a very effective forum for engineering public relations and we have been taking part since 1996. The scale of the exhibits and the number of attendees have increased every year, and the event is an excellent opportunity to speak to attendees directly, so we plan to continue exhibiting in the future. Also, the contents and quality of exhibits by other companies is excellent, making it a very meaningful engineering exposition in terms of researching and gathering information on industry trends.


This was the first time for us to make an exhibit, and we were satisfied with everything from the scale of the exposition to the number of visitors, both overall and to our booth. For future events, we would like to request the addition of a category more suited to our own laser welding technology. Something along the lines of production engineering, perhaps? This might make it even easier to convey our message to attendees.


At this event, we made a driving recorder exhibit for the first time. Unfortunately, the hall was full, so we had to set up our booth on the concourse. Despite that, a large number of people still came to visit our booth. If we had been able to present our exhibit inside the hall, we expect the response would have been even greater. We are definitely considering putting on an exhibit again next year.


This was my first exhibition since becoming company president, and I was extremely impressed by the large number and high caliber of visitors to our booth. As this is the only event on this scale that combines an exhibition and Congress, I hope it will continue to be held in its present format. Not only do I intend to put on an exhibit again next year, I am also considering making a presentation at a workshop.


Many businesses involved in the automotive industry are gathered in Shizuoka and account for approximately 10% of nationwide automotive component shipments in value terms, the second highest level in Japan. At this exposition, our participation took the form of a joint exhibit by many businesses with high technological expertise from around the prefecture. We hope that this will promote revitalization of local industry and contribute to the development of automotive technology.

Number of Exhibitors/Booths (1992 - 2013)

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Visitors Data

Number of Visitors from (1992 - 2013Unlike other auto shows in Japan, the unique features of the Exposition result from visitors coming from across the industry. Visitors number well over 70,000 during the three-day exhibit. Many are engineers and researchers working in the fields of testing, research, and design at the forefront of R&D.

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